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Low Profile Stem Caps

Stemfix (aka "Pin Caps") are low-profile plastic caps, which achieve a secure grip when used in special drilled "head-hole" screws, such as 'SupaChip' or Confirmat screws.

Stemfix Caps - Low profile Stem Caps

Stemfix have a positive grip that is easy to fit, but not-so easy to remove. This makes Stemfix caps an ideal way to hide screws & fixings in:

  • areas accessed by young children (wardrobes & kitchen cupboards)
  • areas accessed by the public (shop fitting, signage, hoardings etc)
  • areas subjected to intense or sustained vibration (caravans, mobile homes etc)

What are Stemfix?

Stemfix Caps utilise a long stem, which is inserted into special screws which have a hole drilled through the drive recess into the shank of the fixing.

Stemfix caps utilise the same low-profile crown as used on the Bifix Caps - the lowest-profile and smoothest-transition cap on the UK market. A smooth transition is essential when wiping a cloth over the cap, and reduces the chance of snagging the cap.

The long-stems incorporate a series of ridges, which deform as the cap is inserted into the screw.  This gives Stemfix caps a secure grip, but ensuring the stems will not break off (as can happen with other brands of caps on the market)

Stemfix caps can be used with any suitable head-hole fixings, such as Confirmat screws (5mm) and woodscrews such as our SupaChip screws. With 96 stock colours, Stemfix caps can match nearly all major laminates (solid colours, woodgrains and patterns) used in the UK - making Stemfix caps a very cost-effective way to not just cover - but really hide your fixings from sight.

>> CLICK HERE to view our colour range.

How to use Stemfix Caps

Stemfix Caps are very easy to use!  And if you go too deep with the screw, don't worry! A Stemfix cap will work even when the screw is 3mm below the work surface.

How to use Stemfix Caps

Tighten the SupaChip screw until flush with the work-surface

How to use Stemfix Caps

Place stem of cap into drive recess and push in firmly.

How to use Stemfix Caps

Even when the screw has been deeply embedded, Stemfix caps will still get a secure grip.