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Plasterboard fixings – metal cavity anchors

An alternative method for fixing to plasterboard, which are both removable and re-usable. The three quick steps of Drill, Tap & Turn make for a fast installation into all types of plasterboard.

They are available in a variety of sizes to suit applications such as mirrors, tv’s, kitchen cupboards and many more

TIMco Screw Anchor

TIMco restarint straps

Screw Anchors

A cavity fixing that is ideal for hanging radiators, brackets, hand rails and shelving units. When installing multiple anchors a setting tool is recommended.

It is recommended to use a spring loaded setting tool to give a fast and reliable fixing. Suitable for use in plasterboard and wood panel.

Code Screw length (mm) Anchor length (mm) Screw size (mm) Fix clearance
40038CA 45 38 M4 4
40045CA 50 45 M4 4
50037CA 45 37 M5 5
50052CA 60 52 M5 5
50065CA 70 65 M6 5
60052CA 60 52 M6 6
60065CA 70 65 M6 6

TIMco cavity anchor setting tool

TIMco restarint straps

Setting Tool

Spring loaded setting tool to give a fast and reliable repetitive fixing.


TIMco Speed Plugs

TIMco restarint straps

Speed Plugs

A rapid light duty plasterboard fixing for use in a wide range of applications.

Note: A 6mm pre-drilled hole may be required in harder plasterboards.

Code Screw size (mm) Plug length (mm)
TBAZS 30 31.5
TBAZST 30 31.5

TIMco Spring Toggle with Screws

TIMco restarint straps

Spring Toggle with Screws

A cavity fixing that is ideal for overhead installations. The wings spread the load over a wider area making them more suited for heavier loads.

Code Screw length (mm) Screw size (mm) Wall & Fixture Thickness (mm)
TOG350 50 M3 30
TOG550 50 M5 20
TOG575 75 M5 45
TOG5100 100 M5 70
TOG675 75 M6 45

TIMco multi fix plasterboard fixings

TIMco restarint straps

Multi-Fix Stella Plasterboard Fixings

A highly effective universal anchor for fixing heavy loads to plasterboard, hollow blocks, concrete and masonry. Complete with zinc plated screws.

Code Anchor Length (mm) Screw size (mm) Max FT (mm)
STBLACK65 59 M5 x 65
STBLACK90 59 M5 x 90 38
STRED55 49 M5 x 55 15
STRED80 49 M5 x 80 40