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Titanium Coated Bi-Metal Tool Blades

Designed to be compatible with all leading Multi-Tool machines the Addax range is a selection of the most popular blades for cutting, sanding, grinding and scraping a wide variety of materials.

Addax Titanium Coated Bi-Metal Blades

Addax Multi-Tool blades

Titanium Coated Bi-Metal Blades

A high performance M42 bi-metal blade with a protective hardened titanium coat to improve performance and increase working life.

Code Size (mm)
Cutting depth (mm)
MTR87TN 87
MT32TN 32 54
MT44TN 44 54

Addax Carbon Steel Multi-Tool Blades

Addax Multi-Tool blades

Carbon Steel Multi-Tool Blades

An economic blade designed to cut soft woods, plastics, plasterboard and other soft materials.

Code Size (mm) Tool pitch (mm)Cutting depth (mm)
MTR87 87 26
MT10FT 10 1.4 42
MT20FT 20 1.4 42
MT32FT 32 1.4 42
MT69FT 69 1.4 42
MT32CT 32 1.69 42
MT69CT 69 1.69 V-SHAPE 42
MT69SE 69 42
MT52SC 52 35
MTR65CG 65 10
MTBOOT 59 45

Addax Bi-Metal Multi-Tool Blades

Addax Multi-Tool blades

Bi-Metal Multi-Tool Blades

A high performance M42 bi-metal blades.

Code Size (mm)
Cutting depth (mm)
MTR87BI 87
MT32BI 32 42

Addax Delta Sanding Pad

Addax Multi-Tool blades

Delta Sanding Pad

To be used in conjunction with the triangular sanding sheets for sanding wood, metal and plastics.

Code Size (mm)
Width (mm)
MT93SP 93

Addax Multi-Tool Sanding Sheets

Addax Multi-Tool blades

Multi-Tool Sanding Sheets

Universal use on most surfaces, the hook and loop backing makes it easy to remove from the sanding pad. Used in conjunction with the Multi-Tool Sanding Pad when working with wood, metal or plastic.

Code Size
MTP100 100 GRIT Medium
MTP120 120 GRIT Medium
MTP180 180 GRIT Fine
MTP60 60 GRIT Coarse
MTP80 80 GRIT Medium