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KAL Fixings Limited


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Sealants & Adhesives

Offering a wide range of high quality building products for trade & DIY enthusiasts.

Bond-it Premium Sanitary Silicone

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S3 Premium Sanitary Silicone

Specially formulated for bathrooms and kitchens. 
Fungal resistant to protect against mildew.

Code Description Box quantity
G700 White 280ml 25
G701 Clear 280ml 25

Bond-it Expanding Foam

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Expanding Foam

  • High thermal & acoustic insulation
  • Good adhesion
  • Internal & external use
  • Can be sanded and painted.
Code Description Box quantity
G301 Hand Held Foam 750ml 12
G304 Gun Grade Foam 750ml 12
G305 Gun Foam Cleaner 500ml 12

Bond-it Decorators Caulk

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Decorators Filler

  • Flexible
  • Paintable
  • Smooth finish
  • Internal use.
Code Description Box quantity
G720 White 25

Bond-it Hi Temp Silicone

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Hi Temp Silicone

Withstands high temperatures up to 285ºC. Seals elastic joints which require a high temperature resistance, gaskets, furnaces, flues etc...

For internal and external use.

Code Description Box quantity
G730 Hi Temp
Sealant Acetoxy

Bond-it Lead Sealant

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Lead Sealant

A fast skinning roofing sealant that reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise.

Tough, resilient and compatible with Lead.

Code Description Box quantity
G750 Lead
Sealant Grey

Bond-it Saves Nails

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Saves Nails Building Adhesive

  • High bond strength
  • Paintable
  • Fast cure
  • Instant grip
  • Gap filling.
Code Description Box quantity
G740 Save Nails 25
Save Nails Solvent Free 25

Bond-it Silicone & Foam Guns

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Silicone & Foam Guns

Suitable for all our cartridge applied adhesives, fillers and sealants.

Everbuild General Purpose Silicone

Everbuild logo

General Purpose Silicone

  • All weather use
  • Mould resistant
  • For Internal & External use.
Code Description Box quantity
G710 White 25
G711 Clear 25
G712 Black 25
G713 Brown 25