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KAL Fixings Limited


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BIRMINGHAM OFFICE Tel: 0121 296 8002 / 8003

Colour Screws

Low profile fixings for maximum aesthetic appeal on flashings and features. Available in self colour or powder coated to match your sheet, panel or flashing, the Torx drive recess facilitates a rapid and hassle free installation.
A rubber washer is supplied assembled with the self/drilling screws to allow a watertight seal and retain the visual benefits of using a low profile screw.

KAL Coloured woodscrews

KAL Coloured Dome Caps

Coloured Wood Screws


  • Material: stainless steel A2
  • Head: Torx No. 20
  • Finish: Powdered coated
  • Colours: Other Ral / BS colours available
Code Colour Size (mm)
15.45.1015 Light Ivory 4.8 x 32
15.46.1015 Light Ivory 4.8 x 38
15.45.5005 Marine Blue
4.8 x 32
15.46.5005 Marine Blue 4.8 x 38
15.45.6005 Dark Green 4.8 x 32
15.46.6005 Dark Green 4.8 x 38
15.45.7016 Anthracite Grey 4.8 x 32
15.46.7016 Anthracite Grey
4.8 x 38
15.45.7035 Grey 4.8 x 32
15.46.7035 Grey 4.8 x 38
15.45.9005 Black 4.8 x 32
15.46.9005 Black 4.8 x 38
15.45.9010 White 4.8 x 32
15.46.9010 White 4.8 x 38
15.45.3020 Red 4.8 x 32
15.46.3020 Red 4.8 x 38
15.45.1018 Yellow 4.8 x 32
15.46.1018 Yellow 4.8 x 38

KAL Self Drilling Coloured woodscrews

KAL Coloured Dome Caps

Coloured Self Drilling Screws

Architects today desire to re-create their imaginative design concepts in reality, therefore are insisting on aesthetically pleasing fasteners that have un-obstructive head style. The ultralow head provides the most effective aesthetic solutions for cladding and facade elevations. The unique DS internal drive system provides a positive means of installation, and allows the fastener to be used in narrow recess applications where other types of drive mechanism are too wide to even be considered. The head of the fastener can be colour matched to the facade panel thus ensuring a seamless cladding elevation, re-creating the architects original design intent.The high quality impact absorbent powder coating provides a permanent, UV stable, lasting colour match to the panel. The standard range of colours includes BS and RAL references, with special project specific colours also possible.

  • Material: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel A2
  • Head: Torx No. 20
  • Finish: Powdered coated
  • Colours: Other Ral / BS colours available
Code Size (mm)
Head size (mm)
KAL5525SD 5.5 x 25 12 & 16
KAL5538SD 5.5 x 38 16

KAL Hex Head Coloured woodscrews

KAL Coloured woodscrews

Hex Head Coloured Drilling Screws

Carbon steel self-drilling-screws for roofing and cladding.

Available in many sizes and colours.