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NEW!  Water Alarm

The AquaDetect protects your house and
property from water-damage and mould!



The AquaDetect is a sturdy piece of equipment, which you can place next to a washing machine, dishwasher, sink, water softener, aquarium; or simply place in the cellar. Use it where the water supply is constantly pressurised, can break down or freeze.

During a leak, water reaches three sensors on the underside of the unit, creating a connection between them and triggering a piercing auditory alarm within seconds. This is loud enough to be heard even from a closed cellar!

Operating from a battery, there is no electrical hazard. There is an audible warning when the battery is running low.

Upon detection, the mains can be turned off so that further damage is avoided. The AquaDetect is reset by drying the sensors.



Battery (included): 9V
Response time: 7 sec
Alarm level: 85 dB
Warranty: 2 years