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  Direct Masonry Screws

Zinc Plated Yellow Passivated Direct Masonry Screws




The Borgh direct screw is the most economical and universally applicable fastening method for fixing metal and synthetic window frames.

Made of hardened, zinc plated yellow passivated steel, it has an internal 4 mm hex socket for driving.

The screw cuts its own thread, making for easy fixing.  It has a high pull-out value relative to the small (6 mm) drill-hole.

Toproc cover-caps can be used rapidly to create a complete finish.


Code Size
15.22.0001 7.5 x 60
15.22.0002 7.5 x 80
15.22.0003 7.5 x 100
15.22.0004 7.5 x 120
15.22.0005 7.5 x 150
15.22.0006 7.5 x 180


Fixing - 6 mm hole