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  WC & Bidet Fixing Sets 

WC Fixing Sets



05.08.2030 White 6 x 70
05.08.2031 Chrome 6 x 70


Set includes

2 x nylon plug MN
2 x screw (hex head)
2 x synthetic washer (2 parts)
2 x end cap (white or chrome)



WC & Bidet Fixing Kit


Borgh WC L-shaped

This special fixing set is for use only with pans and bidets with a lateral or side-fixing hole. The nylon bracket is screwed to the floor and the pan or bidet is clamped in position with the screw through the hole in the side. The small nylon bush protects the ceramic part and the special plastic white or chrome cap covers the screw. Drill diameter is 10 mm.

Suitable for: concrete, natural stone, solid bricks, soild platerboard and hollow blocks.
 KALWB5N L‑Shaped kit


Set includes

2 x nylon angled bracket
2 x zinc plated hex screw, 7 x 75 mm
2 x zinc plated washer
2 x 10 mm nylon plug
2 x BZP screws, 5 x 50 mm
2 x countersunk nylon bush
2 x flat cap (white)
2 x flat cap (chrome)




  Washbasin Fixing Sets 

BORGH washbasin sets are available with zinc stud screws, metal hexagonal nut and
synthetic washer, or with high-grade, synthetic one-piece collar-sleeve nut.

The BORGH Mungo nylon plug guarantees a secure fastening in any material.
The M6 and M8 are provided with a collar plug: the collar prevents
the plug from being pushed below the surface of the drilled hole.
Washbasin and wall become one!


Washbasin Fixing Sets (BZP nut + synthetic washer)


Set includes
2 x nylon plug MN
2 x stud/screw
2 x synthetic collar sleeve
2 x washer
2 x BZP nut

05.08.2101 M6 x 80
05.08.2102 M8 x 80
05.08.2103 M8 x 90
05.08.2104 M8 x 110
05.08.2105 M10 x 100
05.08.2107 M10 x 120
05.08.2108 M10 x 140



Washbasin Fixing Sets (synthetic nut/washer)



Set includes
2 x nylon plug MN
2 x stud/screw
2 x synthetic collar sleeve/nut

05.08.2202 M8 x 80
05.08.2203 M8 x 90
05.08.2204 M8 x 110
05.08.2205 M10 x 100
05.08.2207 M10 x 120
05.08.2209 M10 x 140




NEW Washbasin Fixing Sets

Washbasin Fixing Sets (synthetic nut/washer)





PRESERVES THE INTEGRITY of the sanitaryware: the nylon nut and collar avoids contact between the metal stud screw and the sanitaryware preventing pressure which could otherwise break or spoil the surface.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE of the plug on most base materials.

WIDE RANGE of sizes for different fixings

KAL8110 M8 x 110
KAL10100 M10 x 100
KAL10120 M10 x 120
KAL10140 M10 x 140
KAL10180 M10 x 180

Set includes
2 x nylon plug TU
2 x stud/screw
2 x synthetic collar sleeve