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  ADDAX Tile and Glass Bits

ADDAX Diamond Tile and Glass Bits



For fast drilling of holes in hard materials, such as glass, porcelain, ceramics, slate and marble. Particularly effective in porcelain tiles of hardness up to grade 5. 


•  String-sintered bonded diamond particles ensure
    easy drilling of the toughest porcelain

•  Raised sintered edge for easy starting

•  Anti-slip 3-flat shank on sizes 20 mm and above

•  Hollow body facilitates core ejection on the smaller
    diameters, with slots on the wider diameters

•  Spiral flute takes cooling water to the tip to aid
    use and extend life

•  Diameter laser-etched on body for ease of

•  Competitive price and high performance give lower
    costs per hole

•  Cooling system with guides available separately


Code Size (mm)
DD5 5 x 65
DD6 6 x 65
DD7 7 x 65
DD8 8 x 65
DD10 10 x 65
DD12 12 x 65
DD15 15 x 65
D20 20 x 65
DD25 25 x 65
DD35 35 x 65
DD45 45 x 65