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  Addax Diamond Blades

General-Purpose Premium Laser-Welded Diamond Discs

A top quality, laser-welded, turbo-segmented blade. For use in medium density building materials such as common bricks, paving slabs, kerbs, lintels, clay roof tiles and hard slate. Extra deep 12 mm turbo diamond segments for longer life and faster cutting.

Approved to EN13236 and oSa requirements.

Code Size
GPPL115222 115
GPPL125222 125
GPPL230222 230
GPPL30020 300
GPPL300222 300
GPPL350254 350
GPPL400254 400
GPPL450254 450
GPPL600254 600



Chimaera Multi-Material Hot-Sintered Diamond Discs

A premium quality, hot-sintered product which works across a broader spectrum of materials than the general purpose blades. The continuous rim turbo design facilitates the cutting of hard materials such as steel "I" beams and scaffold tubing, as well as granite, concrete, and both engineering and common bricks. The hybrid technology used in the formation of the diamond segments means that abrasive materials such as concrete roof tiles and sandstone can also be cut with the same blade. The Chimera Multi-Material is the ideal tool for cutting most construction materials without having constantly to change blades.

Approved to EN13236 and oSa requirements.

Code Size
MM115222 115
MM125222 125
MM230222 230
MM30020 300
MM300222 300
MM35020 350
MM350254 350



  Diamond Blades


High-Performance Laser-Welded Diamond Discs


The BD40 is a laser-welded, universal blade, suitable for wet or dry cutting of masonry or concrete.


The BD20 is a laser-welded disc that can be used for wet or dry cutting of concrete block and abrasive materials. It is especially useful for limestone, poriso, firebrick and roof tiles.


Code Model Size
35.04.1001 BD40 115
35.04.1002 BD40 125
35.04.1003 BD40 230
35.04.2003 BD20 230
35.04.3021 BD15 115
35.04.3022 BD15 125
35.04.0021 BD220 115
35.04.0022 BD220 125
35.04.0023 BD220 150
35.04.0024 BD220 160
35.04.0025 BD220 180
35.04.0026 BD220 230
35.04.0027 BD220 300
35.04.0028 BD220 350



The BD220 is the best in the Borgh diamond disc range, with an excellent price/performance balance. It performs superbly in wet or dry cutting of all normal building materials. Top-quality diamond and 10 mm laser-welded segments give it a long lifespan.